“Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have. Those who have walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy.”

Don’t you think if you need a person to take care of your family member should be a responsible one? Yes, everyone does. But what other right qualities do a great home caregiver should have? You can only find the right qualitative person if you know the difference between home care and home health care. No need to worry if you don’t know the differences yet. Because we have already mentioned a link at the end of this article.

Many families were asked the question, “What is the biggest problems while selecting the right caregiver for their family member. 85% of people revealed that they faced an issue regarding how to differentiate between an incompetent caregiver and a great one. Thus, we have revealed all the basic traits for you with some related situations. To know all the major attributes of effective home care, we have indicated 8 aspects to go ahead. So, read this article till the end.

1. Physically fit and smooth reflexes

You may need a home caregiver for an elderly person to help him with the daily routines. It may include offering a supporting hand to get out of their bed or for a walk. Smooth reflexes are vital if you are giving them a massage, cleaning their wounds, helping them to bath, assisting them to move to another room, etc. The home caregivers must have good control over their nerves because providing unbearable pressure might lead to some other fatal accidents.

2. Generosity

People who are always kind, helping, and mentally relaxed, are the right ones for this job. If you even need them to stay for some more extra hours, they won’t make excuses. Because they love what they are doing. They always keep the necessities of whom they are taking care of. That’s what everyone wants in a good home caregiver.

3. Alertness

This is the most primary need if you are looking for a well-grounded home caregiver. It doesn’t matter if you have a home caregiver to take care of your children or your senior loved ones, he always needs to stay aware of the surroundings. In case if your aged person is a handicap or unable to call the home caregiver, then you, of course, need a person who is attentive and alert at all times.

4. Decisive and Trustworthy

At times, you may not be able to communicate with your family for any reason and something ill-suited happens then your home caregiver must be able to make the right decisions according to the situation. Trust is always a need if you are finding a home caregiver. Trust is the must-have trait in a home caregiver. You are letting him in your own private space so that caregiver should be trustworthy. And along with you, it is also very necessary that the person for whom you have appointed this caregiver should also trust the caregiver. They should trust him enough to give him/her responsibility for some valuable personal belongings.

5. Compassionate

A compassionate person can always be the perfect one because he understands the situation, health, and feelings from the perspective of the person he is taking care of. A genuine home caregiver can keep himself in the other person’s shoe to recognize the health of the people in their care. People like this, always consider the person in their care as their own family. That’s why they even speak to them in their magical manner to keep the persons in their care mentally relaxed and happy. 

6. Good Communicator

A dedicated and committed home caregiver needs to know exactly how to communicate with the person he or she is taking care off. Communication skills are important if he needs to talk to the doctor to know about the health status of the person in their care. If you are hiring a person for senior then it is a plus point if he/she is able to communicate in their same native language as the senior citizen. It is easy to express your feelings in your native language as compared to other languages.

7. Qualified First Responder

A caregiver must have brief knowledge regarding the usage of first aid and first responder techniques. During odd hours of the day and night, senior citizens tend to get out of their beds at all times of the night when other members of the family are resting or sleeping. Maximum accidents happen in that period only. Thus, a caregiver must know the duties of a first responder.

8. Hygienic

This characteristic does not require a long justification!! Hygiene is one of the most key factors for judging whether the caregiver is worth hiring or not. The Hygenic habit of the caregiver benefits both, the person for whom you have appointed as well as your family as a whole. Being Hygenic prevents other kinds of diseases which can be very harmful to the patient as you all aware of.

How do I know whether the person has these traits or not?

By now you know what to look in a person before hiring him or her as a caregiver. Now I am going to tell how to judge a person for the above-mentioned traits. Take Recommendations!!!! This method of taking recommendations for judging a person has been going on since ages, whether be it for finding a perfect match during matchmaking in marriages or the recommendations of an existing employee in an organization, or in the SOP for the admission of a child in foreign universities.

But But But, here’s a catch. Do not fall for the false recommendations like our favourite Govinda did in hero no 1 movie :p


Asking for a recommendation for a person does not mean that you are insulting him/her, it’s just you being sure about that caregiver for the security of the person have appointed for and for your entire family. If you want to go more scientific way for trusting a person, then check out the following link.

Different ways for trusting a person

It is a relationship between a patient and caregiver that helps the patient to recover better and faster. So selecting a caregiver is not an easy task. The type of caregiver you appoint have direct effects upon the recovery of the person you are appointing for. So, look for the above traits and choose wisely!!

Don’t you think we are forgetting something here? Yes, you are right. You needed to look at the differences between home care and home health care.

We hope that this article has widened your thinking for effective home caregiver traits. If you have any queries for this article, kindly write it down in the comment box and if loved this then don’t forget to share. You can also connect with us on our social media platforms or connect to us by email.

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