Selecting gifts for your loved ones can be a difficult and mind-boggling task. The task becomes a little more difficult when you are trying to select gifts for senior citizens. What do you gift to a person who has lived through all of life’s ups and downs? Maybe something practical. Maybe something they can remember you by. Here is a list of all the gifts we think could do the trick just fine.

1. Perfume Or Cologne

Most people love and stick by a fragrance. Your elderly would love to get their favourite fragrance as a gift. It is a practical gift and will remind them of you every time they put it on with a tiny smile on their face.

2. Succulent plant

Plants are great gifts for senior citizens who love nature. They add a pop of green in the house and are adorable to look at. Succulents don’t require a lot of water and maintenance; therefore they are easy to keep. Gift your elderly a green gift and promote a social message while making your loved one’s day happy.

3. Fosterooh’s Self Diagnostic And Prevention Case

This holiday and gift season you can gift your elderly with Fosterooh’s Self Diagnostic and prevention Case. The case comes in three packages according to your needs. These include Fosterooh Basic, Fosterooh Premium and Fosterooh Premium Plus. This will help your elderly become self-reliant in case of a medical problem. These come along with products like Digital thermometer, heating pads, knee caps etc. This is a perfect gift for your elderly to become self- reliant and monitor their health on a regular basis. Click here to buy this perfect gift.

4. A Do-It-Yourself Journal

The elderly are reminiscent of nature. They like to recall many moments with a fondness and love to talk about them to their children. A Do-it-yourself journal not only helps them keep account of the fun moments but also insert a few pictures and create a brilliant art project as well.

5. A Photo Album

Where a journal requires one to write detailed accounts and maybe draw, a photo album preserves your memories in an easier more pictorial format. In the age of electronic media, a photo album is a vintage form of preserving your memories.

6. Medicine Organizers

With age comes a need to take a large number of medicines. The elderly may sometimes find it difficult to remember their meds and therefore need an organizer to keep a track of them. Make sure you gift your elderly this practical gift to help them remember to take their meds.

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7. Amazon’s Kindle

Books are man’s best friend. You read you learn and you grow. Unfortunately, a house can never have enough space for your books physically. You could run out of space but never out of books. If your grandparents are a bibliophile, get them a Kindle or an e-reader. They can download as many books as they would like and enjoy a large variety of books for a minimal price.

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8. Handmade Products

Your loved ones will always appreciate if you gift them something homemade. It shows the effort you’ve put in and how much you value the recipient to spend some time to make them a gift. They feel appreciated and valued when you gift them something you made on your own.

9. Video on Demand Service Subscription

We have been noticing the rising quality of content on video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. By subscribing these services for your elder parents will offer them great content at their own convenience.

Seniors generally prefer to watch any video content on large screens. But not all TVs are smart TVs, right? So what to do now? How to avail these video on demand services on non-smart TVs? Well is something known as Amazon’s Firestick

With the help of amazon’s Firestick, you can access these services and also Google and YouTube on Television.

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10. Engraved Personalized Jewellery

Jewellery is something that ties an outfit together. It gives off a ‘put-together look’ and is a much-appreciated gift all in all. Gift your elderly a wee bit of personalized jewellery and trust me, they will appreciate it.


It is comparatively easy to gift the people of other age groups. I have seen people struggle with selecting gifts for senior citizens during their special occasions like Birthdays and anniversaries. Thus, the above options are tried and tested gifting items which will guarantee to add joy and happiness in their lives.


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