Children often live away from their parents. If your parents live far away, or if you are simply unable to provide them with proper care due to professional commitments, it may be time to consider Assisted Living. Assisted living refers to a service in the form of a residence for senior citizens who require some assistance with their routine activities and ready access to excellent medical care. This allows you to stay in contact with them while you fulfil your commitments.

Assisted Living communities provide a better lifestyle for elderly parents. As adult children work for the better part of the day, they may not be able to make it in time for any medical emergencies. With assisted living, expert medical care will, of course, be less than an hour away. Every senior is unique. Some may take easily to the idea of Assisted Living. Others may be reluctant to leave the houses and the families they love. 

Moving to an Assisted Living Community can be a bone-shattering, jaw-dropping, heart-smattering scary decision and should be sensitively pitched to the elderly. Here are some tips on how to convince the elderly to consider Assisted Living.

1. Gradually Introduce The Concept

Assisted Living means a soul-crushing revelation. It amounts to a change of environment and a shift from everything known to a massive unknown. So naturally, the idea of assisted living is going to take adjusting to. Introduce the topic slowly in some random conversation. Carefully monitor their reactions. Proceed only and only when they react reasonably. Avoid becoming overbearing with the whole idea. This will have a negative impact rather than a positive acceptance.

2. Do Not Market

Avoid marketing the Assisted Living Communities you have been looking at immediately. Citing a list of amenities and advantages of these facilities will make the elderly feel like you want to get rid of them. Do not force this decision in them by giving them a list of excellent facilities. Instead, allow them to have a say in the decision making by looking up the details together. Always remember, moving is not your decision only. This should be a mutual decision acceptable to both parties. 

3. Give Them Time

As this decision is a big one, don’t pop the question one day and expect them to give the answer in a jiffy. Give them the time to consider the facilities. Give them time to talk to their peers and do some digging of their own. Rushing an answer out of your elderly will coerce them. Instead, give them the time they need. Give them the resources they need to do their research. It will make them realize that they have a fair say in this. 

4. Educate Yourself

Enter these testy waters with an open mind. Propose the idea if and only if you can see the world as your beloved elderly do. Educate yourself about the impact of your words on mental health and make sure you know how to diffuse the situation when things do go out of hand. Make sure you approach them with a sensitivity that will allow them to actually consider the idea.

5. Discuss Finances

Your conversation must include the financial aspect. Personal finances are personal and delving into the topic will generate some friction. However, while talking about assisted Living, your elderly must be thoroughly aware of the overall financial situation and this is a step one cannot afford to skip.

6. Power Of Kinship

Give your seniors the time to interact with any of their friends that have recently moved or are currently living in an assisted living facility. There is always some power in numbers. The more they interact, the more they might consider the idea. In fact, they may actually end up viewing the same in a more positive light.  

7. Show them the Place First

If your seniors have been considering it for a while but are still a little reluctant, visit a few communities with them. This will reassure them that you are with them every step of the way and will help you explain better how moving to such a community might be a great idea and allow them to experience the same. This will be some serious contact and interaction for the elderly with premises they may or may not end up accepting. Hence, this is crucial. 

8. Lots Of Love And Reassurance

Communicating with your elderly about the assisted living step might make them feel unwanted and useless. They may agree to go only so that they are no longer a burden to their progeny. This might make them upset, unloved, and lonely. Make sure you avoid this. Ask your elderly about their feelings on the subject regularly. Reassure them. Tell them that they are important and their well being is a priority for you. Make them feel important and do not neglect them.


These tips may work for your loved ones. They may not work. However, by no means is the task of convincing the elderly for assisted living an easy one, and convincing them might take a while. Be patient. Be loving and extremely supportive. They will understand. 

Have you ever had to convince the elderly to accept something like assisted living? If so, do let us know in the comments below.  

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rachel frampton · 13 July 2020 at 1:09 am

I’m quite worried about my 80-year-old grandma because she’s been living alone ever since our grandpa died; therefore, I’ve been thinking of placing her in an assisted living community. Luckily, I’ve stumbled upon this article; I’ll make sure to discuss this matter properly and let her decide on her own. I also agree with you that it would be best not to rush her with an answer.

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