The common advice that elder’s give the younger generation is “Empty mind is the devil’s workshop”. No doubt then but this advice applies to them as well. Be it mental, financial, social or even physical, working after retirement is hosts plenty of benefits. People always face the dilemma that whether they should continue to work after retirement or not. So, here is a list of reasons that will encourage you to continue working after retirement.

It generally happens that the elderly feel less valued. Working after retirement also helps them retain their value. Many financially stable seniors also choose to work after their retirement not to earn money but just to keep themselves productive. These productive careers also include devoting all their time for the welfare of society.

Now without wasting any of more time, we will get straight to our objective.

1. Financial Stability

For many people, ending a job means being dependent on pensions plans that don’t give nearly enough to sustain life in a growing economy. Matters are worse if your home was provided by your place of work. Committing to Work after retirement allows the monthly cheques to keep on rolling in. The jobs – if less physically taxing – are worth the trade-off of working a few years after the retirement age to secure a life of their choice.

2. An Encore Career

“Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.”

Sometimes life gets in the way, and the job that kept the food on the plate for years keeps you from pursuing your passions. Working after retirement gives that dream another chance. Whether it be pursuing a career in the arts or opening one’s own business, earning will pursuing your hobbies after retirement, the options are endless. Additionally, after years of experience in a field, a retiree can operate as an efficient consultant as well.

3. Expanding Your Knowledge Base

Starting a new job requires to be with the times. The knowledge that may have served well back in the day has changed. Working post-retirement requires you to get up-to-date with the latest technology, research, methodologies and so forth. With technology at our fingertips today, it couldn’t be easier to pick up a new skill or learn a new theory. Learning the latest technologies will also help you to fetch some more time to learn the skills or to read about the topics that you were not able to pursue before because of your tight schedule.

4. Social Engagement

The biggest problems found with old age is that while the world goes forth, our world grows apart, memories being the only companion. Working after requirement brings helps you meet and engage with people of different age groups. This gives a person a chance to make new memories, and expand their experiences.

5. Reduced Risk of Dementia

Old age comes with its share of mental stress. Also, brain functions reduce significantly after brain usage is reduced.

“Without a regular job to provide stimulation, the use-it-or-lose-it hypothesis follows the idea that a lack of activity could “accelerate cognitive decline or even the onset of dementia,” according to study authors. “Accordingly, retirement may be a potential trigger for cognitive decline, assuming that retirees leave paid work that is cognitively demanding.”


Think of driving at a high speed and suddenly pulling the brakes. Can you imagine the jolt, or are you still cringing at the damage it caused the car? Retirement can have the same effect on your brain. Working post-retirement, however, acts as a speed breaker of sorts.

6. Increased Life Span

“A 2016 study of about 3,000 people, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, suggested that working even one more year beyond retirement age was associated with a 9% to 11% lower risk of dying during the 18-year study period, regardless of health.”


With the addition of the benefits gives a reduction of stress. After requirement most people grow a negative outlook on life simply because there is a question mark on “What next?” and “What will happen to me?” These questions, when left unanswered lead to physical stress on the human body, triggering diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. Working after retirement gives a happier outlook on life.

7. Insurance Benefits

Retirement from work does not mean retirement from life. Circling back to the first reason why working post-retirement, especially in this day and age – finances. Not only can you get health insurance from your new workplace, but it can also give you benefits in other insurance plans.


After retirement careers are what most people start thinking even before their retirement is close. This happens due to the mindset that you will lead a free life after retirement but what you don’t realize is that you have been working for all your life and if you change your daily routine all of a sudden there will some mental as well as physical health consequences.

Sure, having a mutual fund set up to retire too has been the mind-set of the past generation. However, to be independent when your hair is white is a freedom that is becoming more and more accessible. Increasing life-spans may not necessarily mean an increase in the years an employee works. But how long you choose to work is a personal choice, and that could be for as long as possible.

What do you think can be the possible career options after retirement?

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Very well explained and nice way of gathering information about post retirement life. Also I liked the most is the way different options given for retired people really admirable.

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